10 Years ago we had one question What products can become bridges in between the rural communities of Guatemala and the markets of the world? The answer was fashion.

One can think that the fashion industry is frivolous and shallow. But Wakami has proved that fashion can be a vehicle that brings prosperity to many people. There is no such thing as a shallow product if it is meant to transform lives.

Ethical Fashion and Wakami

Indumentary has been part of human history from the beginning, one of the first things that humans did was to cover themselves. Ancient civilizations (Think Mayan or Egiptian) saw jewelry and accessories as a statement that spoke about their religion or their status. But in which moment did we let fashion become a harmful industry? Nowadays we hear how human slavery, child labor or animal testing is part of fashion. Fashion has also impacted our enviornment. The average american, throws 82 pound of textile per year and this industry is considered the second one that produces more pollution  in the world.  

There is hope. The ethical fashion movement is changing the game for us. There are brands and designers that are making clothes and textiles that maximize the benefits for communities, artisans, animals and minimize the impact on the earth. Ethical fashion has proved that clothes and inumentary industry can not only “not harm” but benefit and transform the lives of all the people that are part of these value chains.

With our handmade bracelets, we are transforming the lives of more than 500 women. Bringing prosperity to their families. Thanks to our value chain, we are giving scholarships to kids in rural Guatemala, we are helping our Wakami families to have products that can change their living conditions such as water filters and solar energy. In Wakami we focus on creating opportunities so women that never knew that they could dream, can now make their dreams a reality.

In Wakami we are excited to showcase other projects that are making this world a better place. We want to learn with you how to become better consumers, how to be more informed and how to be more conscious about the impact that our fashion choices can have. Do you want to join Wakami on this adventure? By learning together and being part of a conscious community we can create a world in which purpose, prosperity and hope is there for everyone.

Thank you for joining us!

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