It has been a While.

We are glad to be back on our blog for this beautiful time of the year. Pumpkin spice, Hot Cocoa, Sweater season… what could be more perfect?

Let’s get real here. When seasons change, it is hard to completely transit from a closet to another. Only in the ideal world we have a completely different wardrobe for each season. This is why I’m bringing you three options on how to use your favorite summer pieces this fall.

  1. Keep that rumper

Make your favorite rumper a fall escential by adding a turtleneck underneath. This is an unexpected detail that will make the outfit totally appropiate for wind and chill weather. I love how jumpers look with booties. Our Circle of life bracelets are perfect for this kind of outfits because you can combine the different colors with your different pieces.

  1. Patches are happiness

This summer was filled with flower patches. I already miss them! But keep using your favorite denim patched skirt when by combining it with an oversized knitted sweater. Add some statement boots to this outfit and your favorite Circle of life bracelets and get ready for a lot of heads turning your way.

  1. Bodysuits for the soul

Bodysuits were huge this past summer. Let’s take advantage of that silhouette this fall by wearing your bodysuit with a pair of boyfriend yeans and layering a fuzzy sweater on top. Mules are today’s shoe trend. Layer some circle of life bracelets to this outfit to take this combo to another level.

I wish all the good luck, the good vibes and the best pumpkin pie to all of you.

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