On building an ethical closet

I’m a firm believer that our everyday choices, speak for our values. What we choose to wear everyday is a statement, a way of saying to the world what your beliefs are. That’s why today’s post is about making better choices for your closet. These aer 5 ways of building a more ethical wardrobe.

  1. Buy vintage
    Second hand clothes are great, they are filled with energy and can become statement and unique pieces. Also, by reusing these items, you are making greener choices.

2.  Take good care of the clothes you already own
If there’s a little whole, repair it. If a button is missing, sew it back. Don’t wash them that often, and use good detergent so they last longer.

3.  Choose natural fibers
Cotton, recycled fabrics,recycled nylon, denim, etc. Choose fabrics that come from the earth and that are good with the planet and our animals. Do some research on textiles.

4.  Artisan made clothes
Choose brands that have a transparent value chain and brands that support artisans. Choose brands that assure a good payment and treatment to the people that work with them.

5.  Quality it better than quantity
Instead of owning 10 pairs of cheap jeans… get 2 durable, well fitted jeans. Instead of owning 25 t shirts of different colors and textures but that are cheap and not durable, get 5 good quality ones. Make smart choices and play with what you own so that you don’t have to buy many one-time wear pieces that will only damage the world and your pocket.

This is a process, but if each time you go to  

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