Hello to all my 4eyed friends out there!

Some weeks ago I lost my eyeglasses. I was so sad, once you get comfortable with your frames, it is hard to change. But I had no option. So I began a research on what trends are big this year for eyeglasses. This is what I’m going to talk to you about.

  1. Thinner Frames

Thinner frames are great for someone with more a formal style. You can find them almost in every vintage store. Go for metallic tones like golden or silver. I Love this Wakami eyeglass chain that makes them look formal but still a little relaxed.

  1. Mixing materials

It is a great way of mixing trends. You can go for plastic and metal, wood and metal or even print with clear plastic. Add this Wakami eyeglass chain to add even more texture to your whole look.

  1. Colors here, colors there

Colored frames are huge! Go big with an orange or neon tone or go sober with a dark blue style. Instead of 2015’s black heavy shades, we’re seeing more and more lighter tones and even trascluscent materials. This grey eyeglass chain is perfect to make them look more neutral but still chic!

Tell us in the comments below which one is your favorite eyeglass trend for this season.

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