My fascination for fashion is new. As a girl that grew up as a tomboy, and then became a biologist, wanting to be in jeans and boots in the middle of the jungle and rainforest’s, I never thought about fashion. I thought it was something foreign to me.
As a biologist, I wanted to work in rural villages of Guatemala . . .Planting trees, cleaning rivers . . .
But the people in those villages said: “Maria, what we need resources of income. If you sell what we produce, we can do the rest”
It was this request that changed everything. The question was: what can women in villages of Guatemala produce that people in the world will want to buy?
And there is where fashion became key. We realized that if we could create beautiful products that the people of the world would love, and hat could be made by people living in rural villages of Guatemala… fashion could become a powerful tool of change… on village at a time.
To make this happen, we needed someone that could do this –to link these two worlds — the fashion world with the rural villages!! Lis Giron, the Wakami designer, became the perfect person. Lis is passionate about creating beautiful handmade products. She is also
Passionate about creating opportunities for rural villages in Guatemala, where people have big dreams but no opportunities!!!
The connection is easy
Lis and her team design beautiful products — that the women in rural villages make —  that then gets exported to the world — and gets bought by people that love handmade bracelets, rich in color and texture — making Wakami a sustainable business and creating
income for rural women in Guatemala — that are then improving the health and education of their children — and are being empowered in
this process!!!!

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