Let’s get real. We all like to match with our friends. I know it might sound a little childish and a little cheesy. But it’s always fun to have this thing that screams to the world: WE HAVE A GREAT FRIENDSHIP. Here are some ideas that you can use to match with that special friend and Why not? Take some cool selfies and post them #Friendshipgoals.

Get matching lipstick

Get matching lipstick Go crazy with the colors. You can both put on some colorful lipsticks and smile to the world with them. It’s less expected than matching t-shirts. Awesome Instagram potential!

Get a friendship bracelets

Friendship bracelets work not only as the cutest accessories but also as reminders. Every time you look at your friendship bracelet you will think about your friend, how lucky you are for having her in your life and you will even remember those fun memories you have with her. Picking up a friendship bracelet is really fun! In my opinion Wakami’s urban collection is perfect for this! Besides they are really colorful and perfect for this summer.

Match your hairstyles!

Get braids, or pigtails, or maybe a bun with a fun bow. Get creative and have fun with your BF by doing each others hairstyle.

Always remember that friendships are important, give them time, make meaningful memories together and celebrate life together.

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