“I believe that Wakami gives me the opportunity of generating income for my family. I can see the impact in my house and I see how this happened for other women too” – Miriane- Leader of Producciones Miriane
After 18 months of being in incubation process, a group of 17 rural women celebrated to be officially on business.
This group from San Juán Comalapa began the process when they drew their dreams. After that, they learned  what an entrepreneur is. They studied topics such as how to get organised as a group, conflict resolution and leadership skills and explored financial topics like how to go to the bank and how to pay taxes.
“To me the most regarding thing about the incubation process is to see how women change their vision, how they now see that this is a way of making their dreams a reality, that they now feel they are part of a value chain. They see Wakami as an opportunity, and see and feel they are productive women” – Kendall- Coordinator of inclusive businesses.
Congratulations Producciones Miriane!

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