By now, you know I love summer. Sand, sea breeze and bikinis are my weakness. But something I really love and enjoy about summer is what you can wear. Outfits are more simple this time of the year but you can go crazy and wear those prints that seem a little way too much or wear that dramatic hat you would never wear during winter. So today I’m going to show you my top 10 summer fashion essentials, those things I couldn’t live without during my favorite time of the year.

A Swimsuits

This year swimsuit came back. They are perfect for swimming in the sea and moving around. (Everything will stay in its place) You can have fun with many prints and colors and wear them with shorts, they will look like you’re wearing a cool leotard.

LaMulticolor handbag

The perfect bag for summer. They are made out of recycled plastic, meaning there’s no problem with it getting wet. They have these fun tassels that will complement any outfit.

Denim Jumper

Jumpers are the best. So simple to wear! And I love denim jumpers since you can pair them with any colors you want!

Flip flops with prints

I love crazy sandals. This year you can find them with tassels, with pompons, with sequins, you name it!

Short colorful dress

Flowy dresses are a must for summer. Get one colorful dress to look flirty and relaxed on any occasion.

A strapless bikini

Why strapless? Because tanning is a must! They are totally on trend right now and they are the perfect thing to wear if you want to show off your tan.

Denim shorts

Wear them with crop tops, or with a tunic, you can pair them with your favorite bikini. This year I’m loving distressed denim shorts because they add an edgy vibe to my summer combinations.

A colorful kimono

When it gets windy or when you can’t handle the sun on your shoulders anymore throw a flowy kimono. They are perfect for getting out of the pool or adding a pop of color to your plain white t-shirt and shorts.

Wakami bracelets

It’s summer, A.K.A the perfect time to look bohemian! Wear Wakami bracelets to achieve that relaxed, blissful look everyone wants this time of the year. I’m in love with the Earth bracelet right now. It’s so easy to wear and it goes with every summer outfit I have.

A Summer Hat

There’s nothing like a big hat for summer. I love big, round hats that add drama to a simple outfit. Besides, taking care of our skin is really important.
 Summer and Wakami Bracelets
Don’t forget the most important thing you have to have this summer are happy times, confidence and a big smile on your face.
Keep on dreaming,

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