Hi everyone!!!
Summer is about to end, but don’t let these last weeks pass without style and fashion. That’s why we took the time to make a very nice infographic about our top 5 accessories. These accessories will take any simple outfit to the next level! Don’t forget we have many other Wakami bracelets besides the Inner Health ones. Come check our shop out and finish this summer with a blast!
Keep on dreaming!

5 Trendy _Accessories for this summer

The fourth element is a LaMulticolor keychain. We’re good friends with them. We were also able to collaborate with them and create beautiful products for the fashion industry!

2 thoughts on “5 Trendy Accessories for the end of Summer

  1. Joie Gahum says:

    Bandanas are from the past but still trends until now. I still have mine that i got from Cicihot. It really wont be out because of its impact on your overall look.

    • Isabela Sagastuy
      Isabela Sagastuy says:

      Hi Joie! I know, Bandanas are such a classic! (they remind me of rock bands from the 80’s) I love how classic vintage pieces look with modern outfits! Thanks for writing!

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